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PBS considers itself a leader in custom sheet metal fabrication.  Our specialty has been architectural sheet metal consisting of custom wall panels and roofing systems.

Established in 1997, PBS has a proven staff with well over a hundred years of accumulated practical experience.  Our company has a referral base that is built on attention to detail and project timelines that is second to none.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our award winning projects which result in zero punch list items on many projects.

PBS is the one to go to for all of your business and contractor needs.  We utilize in-house capabilities from beginning to completion of any project.  We offer preplanning concept advice and consultation for any type of interior or exterior architectural metals.  From bidding, design, fabrication, and installation we are the only company you need.

PBS offers unique panel systems which blend ease of installation without compromising, and even improving the design.  The unique panel mounting design eliminates the need for external rods or separate field attached clips.  Our panel mounting system is built into the panel and mounts directly to the surface which equates to a substantial savings in field labor if you choose to do the installation yourself.

PBS stands behind its maintenance free wall systems.  Our quality is our strong point.  We deal with any unique or complex task and custom fabrication, in other words, if you can imagine it . . . We can do it!